Learn about the design process and concepts that led to the highest rated LEED Platinum building in the world upon its completion and certification. The Alberici Headquarters entails the adaptive reuse of an existing manufacturing plant, transforming it into a corporate headquarters for one of St. Louis’ oldest and largest construction companies. John Alberici wanted to lead by example, transform the design and construction marketplace and set a goal of Platinum level LEED certification, reminding all the planning and construction team of “the future generations who will someday work in this building.” The project achieved Platinum level certification from the USGBC. With 60 of 69 points, the highest total in the world at the time, the team and client demonstrated an exceptional commitment to environmental design and conservation and set new standards nationally. This project is an excellent example of the “Triple Bottom Line…People, Environment, Economics” – benefitting all of these!

*Join us for the in-person tour of the Alberici Headquarters led by John Guenther! See Tour #505 for details.

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