While we can’t play together, Oasis musicians are honing new skills. Our next Oasis music class will be musicians’ ear-training. Though it’s certainly appropriate to consider it a natural outgrowth of the Oasis Painless Theory and Improvisation classes, this also can be a good stand-alone. It is perfect for those among us who are mystified by or who don’t care about pentatonic scales or Renaissance modes, though those concepts are helpful. Students will learn to hear and recreate melodies, harmonies and rhythms through a systematic approach that concentrates on each aspect of ear-training individually with the goal of assembling them into a single skill. Work will concentrate on four to six tunes over the entire session and all improvisation work will be done within the context of these tunes. We’ll explore Jazz greats from the past and present. You will get the chance to play some of those scales and chords. We’ll have fun making music for one another. It’s the next best thing to playing together!