Discover a St. Louis you never knew existed! Occupational Therapy students from Washington University, in partnership with St. Louis Oasis, bring you a weekly discussion and activity
centered around St. Louis’s rich diversity, communities, & culture.

  • March 22:  Food and Culture: Explore cultures in STL through the eyes to the soul– your stomach!
  • March 29: History and STL Music: Discuss the interesting and rich history of the World’s Fair and Blues music with a trivia event
  • April 5: Literature: Explore STL’s literary history, and try writing some poetry yourself!
  • April 12: Art: Learn how to make your own Mandala and other art with items you have around your home.
  • April 19: Tech: Learn how to connect with the younger generations with the use of emojis, memes, and GIFs! We will also have a storytelling section, where members are
    encouraged to share some of their life experiences with the group.