Join us for The Hybrid Biking Roundtable! It is a great new way to connect either in-person or online when it is just too cold or too hot outside to ride. We will introduce planned bike rides as well as discuss some of our most interesting biking experiences.

Learn basic bike riding safety and repair skills that will increase your confidence to ride whenever and wherever you want! You will learn how to do an ABC safety check before each ride to ensure that your bike is safe to ride; how to fix a flat; how to properly and safely use your brakes and adjust them; how to properly use and adjust the shifting of your gears and more. After taking this class, you will be well-prepared to enjoy the lineup of free Oasis bike rides held throughout the year.

You have elected to attend this class in person in our Clayton Oasis classroom. We will have limited seating available in our classroom where instructors will present live and in person. You must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask covering your nose and mouth. Please know that we are excited to reconnect with all Oasis participants and doing so safely is our highest priority. If you need assistance or want more details? Contact the Oasis office at 314.862.4859, ext. 24